Science Experiments

Practical learning is just one way that we here at Space Inclusive encourage the clients to grow and learn.

Our environment is an amazing structure which clients at Mansfield Woodhouse have been learning about. They completed an experiment using food colouring to see how rain seeps through the clouds, earth and atmosphere.


Recently there have been several storms to hit us here in the East Midlands and across the UK. Continuing the theme of our world, the clients made a water based tornado. It is incredible how a little force can create such a strong wind, which can continue for miles, blow down huge trees and cause tidal surges.

But why stop there! The final experiment was to make a CD hover board. The young people worked as a team to come up with the best way to complete the task.

Being creative can fall under many different areas from inventing to painting and dance to music. Always be yourself and let your creativity flow!

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