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This week clients from Cross Street, went on public transport to Mansfield, to visit the world-renowned Architects of Air Luminarium sculpture. This sensory experience was highly enjoyed by those who went. The Luminarium will be at Lakeside Arts, Nottingham at the end of May. LuminiMax combines smaller luminarium structures (Lumini) to create one magical experience.
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April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day, but we’ll continue celebrating autism awareness and acceptance across the entire month of April. Every autistic person is unique and how autism affects them will be unique too. Each person will have their particular strengths, along with areas where they might need support. That is why we take
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Published Author

An indvidual who attends our service has completed his book ‘Ruby Silverlock’ and can be purchased on Amazon! This is a real achievement for him, showing that a disability shouldn’t hold you back from following your dreams. Keep a look out for more books from this amazing young man.  

Clients have taken a trip to Pleasley Pit Museum this week. The Coal Mining Museum is captivating and a place where you can embark on a fascinating journey through time. You can explore the restored winding engine house and colliery buildings as well as tools, machinery, and the amazing underground structures. The museum offers a
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Following a recipe from checking the ingredients to weighing them out is a skill which clients have been practising at Radford Boulevard this week. Clients chose to make a Cornflake Tart and had the added difficulty of making their own pastry. While waiting for the Cornflake Tart, clients cleaned up after themselves, washing the pots
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Pottery Animals

Working with Vision West Notts College, clients have been making their favourite animals out of clay. The tutor takes them back to the College to be fired in the Kiln. They will then be brought back to the site where the clients will be able to paint them and take them home to be displayed.
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Express Delivery

The clients and staff have made sure that Santa does not miss any of their letters by making their very own post box. All their wishes will go straight to Santa and the Elves in the North Pole! Clients recycled a box and with some support cut out a slot for the letters to go.
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Christmas Market

Over the weekend some of our ladies from Supported Living went to Manchester Christmas Market. Getting into festive spirits and spending time with housemates before they go to stay with family over the Christmas period. Our Support Living service opend in June of this year. Some of the ladies knew each other from our Day
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Looking for some Christmas inspiration, clients have been to Brookfields Garden Centre. From Polar Bears and Penguins to Nutcracker Soldier’s and of course a Christmas Tree! We looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorations over the next few weeks. Keep up the good work!  


Happy Hanukkah

This year, Hanukkah starts on Thursday 7th December and lasts for 8 days. It is a joyful occasion also known as the Festival of Light. Some of our clients have been researching Hanukkah and creating items of importance to the Jewish faith. Firstly, we have the Star of David which is a 6 pointed star
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