Our Mission

Space Inclusive is an East Midlands based support provider founded in 2010 for people who have a learning disability and autism. We work with people in a range of ways to help them in their daily lives.

We recognise many of the challenges that people can face and we strive to support someone with their individual needs through providing access to a range of opportunities in three broad areas; skills for employment, skills for supported/independent living and social interaction.

We work with a variety of stakeholders; individuals, their families and loved ones, associated professionals and the local authority, to ensure that we follow a person-centred and objective-led plan that can bring about sustainable outcomes.

Our ethos remains consistent over the range of services that we provide. We place each person at the centre of their lives and look at how we can support their needs and aspirations through a range of practical, engaging and enjoyable opportunities. We encourage independence wherever possible and promote people moving towards interdependent and sustainable lives.


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Latest News

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We love being out and about and especially when we can spendf time in green spaces. We are lucky that we have lots of accessible country parks and walking routes in and around Nottingham, and a group recently took a nature trail through Bramcote Woods. We navigated some unsteady terrain underfoot, climbed over some fallen
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Radcliffe RSPCA is an independent charity which is separate from the national RSPCA but does the same work in caring for unwanted and neglected pets and animals. The RSPCA team are really keen to get groups over to show people what they do and how they can help. Our visit was brilliant and started with
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