Skills for independence

We consider Space Inclusive a place for stimulation, exploration and growth!
Weather its a Trip out to explore new places; games played amongst friends to grow new skills; or developing a skillset that already exists; we pride ourselves on planning and executing fun and interactive sessions that everyone can get involved in and enjoy!

This week; we have been busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm; and improving on some already existent skills for life. We worked together as a team to prepare a huge stack of toasties; and created a right ol’ conveyer line to ensure that dietary requirements were met; bread had been buttered and that the cheese was 10000% melted!

After we devoured our lunch (which was 10/10 by the way!) operation ‘clean up’ was well underway by the other half of the group that did not partake in the prep work!

It was really fun to each have a role in lunch club; and to split the duties between people and practice some very important skills for independence.

We have all been so busy here at space; so check back in soon for more updates on what we have been doing!

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