Social Inclusion at Space Inclusive

Social inclusion is a key factor of our practice here at space, and is ingrained in the fabric of what we do and how we operate. We aim to empower those that we support, and help them not only get involved with activities and individuals in the community- but improve social skills and help build friendships within our service!

Recently, some groups at our Cross street site spent the day out and about with each other in the local community; visiting local parks and visiting the the Wood Thorpe Park ‘Tropical House’!

Not only was the trip the chance to get some fresh air and exercise; but it was a chance for everyone to spend time with each other- and judging by the smiles on faces; enjoy each others company!

The day also consisted of visiting shops and places of interest, including the local ‘pets at home’ where the group had a look at the fish tanks and mini aquarium. They also got their ‘great-outdoors’ on – and had a look at the camping equipment, making themselves right at home!

We cant wait for the weather to continue to improve which will allow us to explore more places of interest – in which we hope to continue building relationships with our local community and spend quality time with each other!

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