LGBTQ+ History month

February 2023 marks the start of LGBTQ+ History month. It is an opportunity for education and reflection, and a chance to learn more about others who share both the same- and different experiences to us.

Education is a key factor in broadening our understanding of the world around us- so our Mansfield Woodhouse site took the opportunity to spend the day learning all about the history of LGBTQ historical figures and got to know their stories!

The day began with a trip down history lane; learning all about LGBTQ rights throughout the ages, and what rights LQBTQ+ people were entitled too at the time. There was also lots of learning with regards to what rights these people were intitled to at the time; and how they felt about their experience of identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ community. We even got to grips with learning some inclusive BSL signs- like that of ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’ – and ‘love’!

An important part of our day was spent discussing the use of ‘correct pronouns’ when talking to or about people of different genders, and the importance of gender visibility, and asking people their pronouns if you are not sure! The day as a whole was very informative and helped us to broaden our knowledge of people from different backgrounds who make up our world as a whole, and our community in general. We had a great time, with nothing but positive feedback; and we look forward to learning more about others and expanding our understanding for the need of inclusion and diversity in our community and beyond!

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