‘The garden of Just Because…’

Here at space, we are big fans of immersing ourselves in local arts and culture, and like to promote accessibility for our clients; enabling them to get involved with what is going on in the local community!

The Lakeside Arts centre has always been a fantastic hub of activity and art, and a fundamental local space to show creations from talented and emerging artists.

We headed there last week, where we were amazed by the fantastic exhibition that was on, titled ‘The garden of just because’ by Roma Patel; an immersive and tactile exhibition where myth meets science!

(Image Descriptions: We loved getting involved with touching and experiencing the art exhibition!)
It was a fantastic experience, and we were able to touch the sculptures, and enjoy their colour, texture and feel! Based on nature growing around us, it was an interesting take on the growth of natural forms! It was a wonderful space for us to see, and had great accessibility for wheelchair users!

We will defiantly be back again soon, and look forward to seeing what is showing next at the lakeside arts centre!

Have you visited the lakeside arts centre? what did you see? we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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