Growing to Grow at St. Annes allotment!

With autumn creeping upon us, and the leaves slowly starting to turn Brown underfoot, what better time to pick the last of the summer harvest than now?

With those thoughts in mind, we lumbered ourselves into the minivan, and headed out to see our friends at the wonderful ‘Growing to Grow’ garden space at the St. Annes allotment!

When we got there, we were met with our lovely friend and allotment manager, Jen; who set us our tasks for the afternoon!

(Image Description: Our tasks for the day set on the board by our lovely friends at the St. Annes allotment!)

We started off with wandering around the allotment, where Jen informed us that there were numerous plum trees with ripe fruit that we could pick! Armed with our makeshift tree pickers, we made our ways to the trees, and could see the fruit hanging low for us to grab! We worked as a team to collect a variety of plums from different trees, which we were able to take home! Just look at their beautiful colours!

(Image Descriptions: Getting involved with picking our baby plums and admiring the fruits of our labour!)

Soon after, we had a quick break back at the garden nursery, before taking a look at the apple tree and picking some wonderful ripe fruit!

(Image Description: Having a well-deserved squash break back at the nursery!)

After all of the fun we had, it was soon time to head back to space for the end of the day! We were very kindly gifted some extra fruit and vegetables by our friends at the allotment; and we can’t wait to get cooking with our picks and visit our friends and the allotment again soon!

(Image Descriptions: Our wonderful collection of fruit and veg, ripe and ready for us to cook up a storm with!)

Have you ever visited St. Annes allotment? if so, we would love to hear about your trip in the comments below!

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