Space does OneFest 2022…

Did someone say…Party?!

Onefest is a Mansfield-based, week-long celebration of neurodiverse talent, creativity, and culture- which took place on the 20th- 26th of June, and we had a wonderful time attending to show our support, have a laugh, and more importantly… A dance!!

We managed to come together from our different sites (thanks to covid regulations slowly relaxing!) to attend one fest for ‘One-Walk’- and after ordering tickets online, we were able to meet lots of new friends in Mansfield town centre- where we stood and watched an array of wonderful performances in celebration of neurodiverse talent!

The weather was amazing, the atmosphere was electric- and it was fantastic to be surrounded by individuals showing their support for a more diverse and inclusive community – especially within creative fields such as music, comedy, and performing arts!

Our celabrations didn’t stop there- we enjoyed a wonderful evening of live music and entertainment in Mansfield, where we stomped and shimmied the evening away- on a school night of all things!

(Image descriptions: We are enjoying the lovely weather and magical performances! we have our face paint on, our dancing shoes tied up, and we are dancing and singing around the OneFest 2022 stage- even late into the night!)

Did you attend OneFest this year? We would love to hear about your experience!
Follow the link below for more information on how YOU can get involved with OneFest in the future!

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